A woman in a coma and on a ventilator with COVID-19 woke up the day her family planned to pull her life support

A woman who had been in a coma for over a month woke up just hours before her family was going to end her life support.
Bettina Lerman, who was unvaccinated against the coronaviruses, was placed on a ventilator at the Maine Medical Center in Portland after she tested positive for the virus in September. Andrew Lerman told the local ABC affiliate that his mother had underlying health conditions.

Family members were going to end her life support.

Andrew Lerman told the Washington Post that his mother was never going to wake up. It was the end of the line.

Lerman had "irreversible damage" from contracting COVID-19, according to hospital staff.

She woke up just hours before Lerman's life support was to be pulled. Andrew was in the middle of picking out a headstone for his mom when he got a call from the doctor.

"He told me to come up to the hospital right away." I'm wondering, What? Is something wrong? He said your mother woke up. I dropped the phone. I was wondering, what? Andrew said that they were supposed to end life support that day.

Lerman traveled to Maine to care for Andrew's father, who had tested positive for the coronaviruses, even though he had cancer. The three were notvaccinated. Lerman was going to get the vaccine before she went to Maine, but she ran out of time.

Andrew said that Lerman is able to breathe on her own. She will get a vaccine against the coronaviruses. A hospital spokesman told CNN that her condition is still serious.
We give her encouragement. Andrew told the station that they told her to keep fighting.

The Lerman's family set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for Lerman's medical care.


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