Singapore KrisFlyer Promo: Up To 15% Credit Card Transfer Bonus

KrisFlyer launched a transfer bonus several weeks ago. This is the second promotion we have ever seen from the program, and it is very similar to another promotion being offered by KrisFlyer. The offer will end on Monday, so I wanted to remind people.

The Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer program has a bonus when you convert credit card rewards points into KrisFlyer miles.

You can convert your credit card rewards into KrisFlyer miles by November 22, 2021.
If you convert between 10,000 and 49,999 miles in a single transaction, you will receive a 12% transfer bonus, and if you convert 50,000+ miles in a single transaction, you will receive a 15% transfer bonus.
You need to convert enough points to earn 10,000 KrisFlyer miles in one transaction in order to be eligible.
There is no limit to how many bonus miles you can earn.
Since the promotion is being offered directly by KrisFlyer, you won't actually see the bonus reflected on the bank transfer page, but rather will only see it in your KrisFlyer account.
No registration is required.

The programs that are eligible are listed on the promotion page.

KrisFlyer Star Alliance Gold promotion is included.

The two offers can be stacked, and the Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer program is running another lucrative promotion. If you transfer 250,000 points to the KrisFlyer program from a partner, you can earn KrisFlyer Elite Gold status, but only if you do so by February 28, 2022.

Priority check-in, lounge access, priority boarding, and many more are available to Star Alliance Gold members. Star Alliance Gold status and a 15% bonus on points transfers is a pretty awesome combo.

Should you transfer points to Singapore?

There are two reasons to take advantage of this promotion.

KrisFlyer only offered something like this once before, and at the time there weren't two promotions to stack, that can earn you bonus points plus elite status.
Singapore Airlines restricts premium cabin long haul award space to members of its own KrisFlyer program, so if you want to redeem for these products, this is your best bet.

Singapore Airlines lounge in London.

There are reasons not to take advantage of this promotion.

It is still a long shot that Singapore will open on a more flexible basis, but that is starting to change with the new travel lane concept.
KrisFlyer miles can be kept forever, but they can't be kept forever if they're earned after 36 months.
Transferring points to one partner ruins the flexibility that they offer, and you lose all that flexibility when you do.

The A330 business class is for Singapore Airlines.

I think this promotion is pretty tempting, especially at a time when global travel is slowly opening up again, and there are two offers to stack here. A 15% bonus plus Star Alliance Gold status is a great deal.

You don't have to travel to Singapore to maximize your KrisFlyer miles. Singapore Airlines has flights from New York to Houston and from Houston to Manchester.

The first class of Singapore Airlines.

Credit card rewards can be converted into Singapore KrisFlyer miles and you can earn a bonus. This is the second time that the program has offered something like this. There is a separate promotion that offers Star Alliance Gold status if you transfer 250,000 points to KrisFlyer, so when you combine the two offers, this could be pretty lucrative.

If you haven't yet made a transfer, this is the time to do so as the clock is running out.

Are you taking advantage of the KrisFlyer transfer bonus?

Ben is the founder of OMAAT.