Want to Be a Professional Dynamo? It Starts With Getting Your Health in Order.

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A majority of Americans are overweight or obese. 45 million Americans go on a diet each year. The long-term numbers aren't encouraging if they achieve the 10 percent weight loss figure that is a successful diet. 97 percent of people who lose weight regain it within three years.


The old saying is that you are only as good as you feel. It is safe to say that millions of professionals can't quite reach the mind-body synergy that high performers need to see to feel like masters of their own physical and mental health.

Found knows that there is more to achieving long-term health and happiness than a few pounds off your bathroom scale. Their program takes aholistic approach to your weight care journey, helping you not only lose weight but actually adjust your relationship to food and health.

Found starts at the beginning with a multi-question quiz to assess each weight-care candidate. Found goes to work, crafting a three-pronged approach to improving mind and body that is completely personalized to each user and their unique medical and emotional history.

The journey to all-around physical health begins with consultation with a dedicated medical provider. They will come up with a food and movement plan for the member. The company says that the opening game plan charts the way for losing weight safely and sensibly based on each person's medical history.

A personal health coach helps with the plan. The rubber truly meets the road when the coach and member work together to create a plan that goes beyond weight to tackle stress management, exercise, sleep, and more. Found's coaches are real people who will not back down if a member isn't living up to their responsibilities.
Sometimes diet and mental approach aren't the only factors in a successful weight loss journey. Found says it will give members with a personally prescribed weight health medication program. Found members are selected for specific drugs to address their particular health issue because medication should never be lightly engaged. All of their options are FDA approved and clinically trusted to work, according to the compay.

Found says you can find the results you are looking for with members losing over 200,000 lbs to date. Tony says he never thought about clicking on the Found site when he decided to lose 100 lbs. in less than a year.

Found is ready to help motivated go-getters embark on the final weight loss journey of their lives, starting at the Found website now to start assembling their own weight care plan.

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