John Cho's Cowboy Bebop Injury Almost Made Netflix Do a Face/Off

Cho recently got the chance to speak more candidly about what happened after Bebop was out in the wind. The actor told James Corden that he tore hisACL while filming a nighttime scene. During his recovery time, he had discussions about the method of working around his injury. One suggestion was to have his face on another actor. They thought about taking his face off. This would not be the sequel we are supposed to be getting.

That would have been a lot of money, so that didn't happen. The cheaper option of just using a stool and shooting from the waste up was off the table since they thought it was dangerous. With a year off to recover, Cho thought about his smoking, noodle loving cowboy.

Cho talked about how he thought about Spike and the show every day while he was in physical therapy, and said that he didn't think about a single role more. He was happy that things were going well after the first season with his new knee. He knocked on wood and said it was so good. Don't test me, I'm supposed to be at 100 percent.

Cho is known for his roles in Star Trek and Bebop, but he also has a penchant for sci-fi. When Reggie Watts asked Cho if he would ever consider filming a movie in space like Tom Cruise is planning to eventually do, Cho replied "yes" with the seriousness of a child who was just asked if they wanted a new toy. He told Corden that he could go into space if he learned the piano. If Bebop gets a second season, that could be the plan.

Cowboy Bebop is on the streaming service.

The Hollywood Reporter.

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