Rittenhouse protest in Portland, Oregon, declared a riot

The website for Rittenhouse's legal fees will be open for new donations now that he has been acquitted.

The jury system works, according to President Joe Biden, but he was angry and concerned after Kyle Rittenhouse was found not guilty.

Rittenhouse was charged with five felonies, including intentional and reckless homicide, for shooting Joseph, Anthony, and Gaige Grosskreutz. The protest occurred after a white police officer shot a black man seven times while responding to a domestic dispute. Rittenhouse was found not guilty on all charges in the shooting of Grosskreutz, but family members, friends and members of the community spoke out on the injustice of that ruling. They are protesting against the Rittenhouse verdict. They made their way from the center to the bridge.

Steve Kerr said what many were thinking after a jury acquitted Kyle Rittenhouse. Kerr said before the game that this is America. We are on a dangerous path. It wasn't a shocking verdict, but one that poses great risk if we continue to go down this path. People can just be determined by the states.

The bags broke apart in the lanes and there was cash in all the lanes.

Cowboy Bebop looks at this point more like Cowboy womp-womp than a live-action adaptation of a beloved anime. Variety had a review of the series that said it was just a bunch of hype.

I do not represent causes. Defense lawyer Mike Richards said that he represented clients.

Austria is the first country in Europe to make coronaviruses vaccinations compulsory.

Attorneys for Gaige Grosskreutz and the Estate of Joseph Rosenbaum said they were committed to uncovering the truth.

The judge described the Capitol rioter as a pawn in a game that was played and directed by people who should know better.

A Virginia contractor has been convicted of raping and murdering a college administrator after she complained about the work on her deck. The jury deliberated for an hour and 20 minutes before finding Thomas Clark guilty of first-degree murder, rape and abduction of Suzanne Fairman. Scott said there was a huge amount of relief after the verdict. I know these last two and a half years.

Britney Spears is free and she is not holding back. On Friday evening, the Princess of Pop posted a video on her social media accounts of Christina Aguilera, who refused to answer a question about Spears during a recent interview. The video is from the red carpet.

A name that's been linked to the online artist Shadman for at least five years was arrested in Los Angeles on assault charges.

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

The man who carried a long rifle outside the courthouse was fired from the Ferguson, Missouri, police force.

The State College Centre Daily Times is published.

State College police believe the death of the 19-year-old was accidental, but her mother still has questions.

The man who was one of the most wanted fugitives in the United States died in a South Carolina home four months ago, after he was first wanted in San Diego for sexually abusing children, investigators said. The body of Frederick Cecil McLean was not found until November after someone asked the sheriff's office to check on a neighbor who hadn't been seen in a while. The San Diego Sheriff's Department issued arrest warrants for sexual assaults on a child and determined he was a high risk to continue attacking girls after he was placed on the U.S. marshals service's 15 Most Wanted list.

Kevin Gough, a lawyer for one of the men charged in the case, tried to get a mistrial because he spotted "Black pastors matter" shirts at the courthouse.

There was renewed calls for an impartial investigation into the death of Christian Hall after footage of him being shot by Pennsylvania State Police was released. Hall was reported to be suffering a mental health crisis when he ended up on the bridge over I-80 in Hamilton Township. Pennsylvania police shot and killed him after he pointed a non-fatal weapon at them.

Christopher Belter admitted to raping at least one teenage girl at his parents' house when he was 17.

The duty to retreat is complicated by the proliferation of stand your ground laws.