Meet the next generation of launch companies at TC Sessions: Space

The new economy of space has been made possible by the new generation of launch companies, which include SpaceX and Rocket Lab. The CEOs of the companies that will change the game at the virtual event on December 14-15 will explain.

The companies have different approaches to the industry. The 3D-printed copper liquid engine that Launcher is focusing on is one of the most fuel-efficient out there. Lower costs, less fuel per launch and more space for payloads mean it can compete in the small launch market.

The launch vehicles will be cheap and thrown caution to the wind by Astra. Launching from Alaska and accepting a higher risk will allow Astra to grow in value and its portable launch vehicle will be ready.

Firefly has a larger launch vehicle that can take up to 1,000 kilomes to space. The company has escaped its complicated past and is ready to become a major new force in the industry in the Artemis Era.

They have to get to space, but each company is progressing at their own pace. The CEOs of all three companies will be on stage with us to discuss the challenges and opportunities of the new launch and funding ecosystems.

Peter Beck, founder and CEO of Rocket Lab, is coming to the sessions. Beck has a long-planned expansion into larger launch vehicles, satellite design and more, and Rocket Lab is only the first step.

Space 2021 takes place on December 14-15 and you can join the global space community and get the latest thinking on space launch systems.