Ref allegedly uses N-word during Tennessee high school basketball game [UPDATED]

There is a lot more that needs to be explained and answered in the story out of Smyrna, Tennessee.

The boys and girls played a basketball game at a high school that is halfway to Murfreesboro. The team walked off the court after the referee directed a racial slur at one of the players.

The Tennessee Holler posted a video of a woman saying that her granddaughter was subjected to the N word. There is a language warning.

Since it was her granddaughter, it means the girls game was the one that left. The account posted that the game had been forfeited, but later deleted it, along with at least one more about the game. The girls team has its own account, and the boys team has its own account, so it is important to note that the account is only for the boys team.

The referee used the N word, the girls team walked out, and the boys team left with them, leading to the forfeited boys game. It is not clear if the girls game was recorded as a forfeited one. If the referee did say "little nr", and the specificity of the allegation that he did, both games should be ruled no contest.

There is more to this than the simple WTF of it all, and that is whether that will happen and what kind of screening the TSSAA does for its referees. It's good for the teams to walk out together. Nobody should have to deal with that, and the consequence of their bravery should not be a low ranking.

The matter was referred to the schools by the officials at Smyrna High. Deadspin tried to contact the two organizations, but didn't get a response.

The Tennessee Holler posted a video of the incident.