Brussels Airlines Reveals New Livery & Brand Identity

A new livery is part of a major rebrand by Brussels Airlines.

The new livery of Brussels Airlines.

A new livery has just been unveiled by Brussels Airlines. The new livery is supposed to confirm the carrier's position in the market as Belgium's home carrier. The company describes this.

The new livery features a deeper red and darker blue version of the signature red and blue colors of the airline.
The dotted "b" that is currently on the tail is being replaced by nine dots of different sizes in the form of a square, to represent the diversity of customers, destinations, and employees.
The new logo uses a more modern type.
The wordbrussels has gained more importance with its larger size to emphasize the carrier's Belgian identity.

The new livery is white. With all those dots, I feel like I was in a biology class in middle school.

The new livery of Brussels Airlines.

The new livery of Brussels Airlines.

The new livery of Brussels Airlines.

Below is a picture of the previous livery of Brussels Airlines.

The old livery of Brussels Airlines.

I think I prefer the old livery over the new one. The old livery was one of the better ones out there, and still felt modern, not in need of a refresh.

It can take a while for us avgeeks to get used to any livery changes, as we are pretty consistently opposed to them. I hated the livery of Lufthansa when it was first introduced, but now I like it.

The new brand identity for Brussels Airlines.

The airline claims that the new livery is part of a new brand identity. Due to the lack of an identity as an airline, the airline has not been able to decide what to do with it.

The airline describes its new look in a statement.

In order to pave the way for a future-proof company that is able to face the competition with a sound and healthy cost structure, Brussels Airlines accelerated and intensified its transformation plan in 2020.
The second phase of the Reboot Plus plan is the build-up and improvement phase. The development of its employees, new ways of working, and strategic investments in an improved customer experience are some of the things that Brussels Airlines will be focusing on in the future.
The Belgian company is transforming to become a profitable airline that offers perspectives to its customers, partners and employees, and an airline with a constant focus on the environment and the reduction of its ecological footprint. A new airline.

Peter Gerber is the CEO of Brussels Airlines.

We want to mark the beginning of the New Brussels Airlines. For our employees who are committed to the transformation that we are pushing forward and for our customers who deserve the best. We present the visual translation of our new start. We are ready to show our customers, employees, partners and all other stakeholders that we are turning a page with our new brand identity. We are building the way towards a promising future as one of the four Lufthansa Group network airlines. The new brand identity re-emphasizes our identity as Belgium's home carrier.

It doesn't seem like there's much substance or specific details to back up the plan as of now. When a restaurant markets itself as offering seasonal and locallysourced cuisine, but they don't tell me a lot about what to expect, it's kind of like that.

It is nice that the airline is going to make strategic investments, improve customer service, have new technology, and be sustainable, but doesn't that describe most airlines?

The bottom line.

The introduction of a new livery is one of the details revealed by the airline. I am curious about what OMAAT readers think about new liveries.

I don't feel like every airline promises those things, so I don't know if this is true.

What do you think about the new brand identity of the airline?