Microsoft is celebrating 20 years of Xbox in secret style

The image is called "tomwarrenVLS_4504.0.jpg."

There is a new series of consoles called the Xbox Series X.

The photo was taken by Tom Warren.

Microsoft has been celebrating 20 years of Xbox this week with the addition of 76 new games, the launch of a halo-themed Xbox Series X, and a translucent controller. The company has been making announcements with lots of Easter eggs.

The new hardware that launched this week features the best looking Xbox Series X console and controllers we have seen so far. Some hidden secrets are included in all of the new hardware. A hidden symbol on the front of the Xbox Series X console has been discovered by users.

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The symbol is hidden.

The image is on the website, Reddit (DemonKingLamb).

You will need to shine a black or UV light on the console to see the Easter egg, but it is a neat touch for a limited edition console that celebrates the launch of the original Xbox in 2001.

If you have purchased a 20th anniversary Xbox controller, the UV light will come in handy. If you shine the UV light on the packaging that the controller ships with, you will see the original Duke controller that came with the original Xbox console in 2001.

The secrets don't end there either. If you were lucky enough to get a controller themed in theHalo series, Microsoft has a special code that will let you add a little charm to your gun. It was perfect for the early launch of the game.

The controller will bounce around when you throw grenades and use your melee button in the game. If you purchase the NERF versions of the MA40, you will get a charm for your weapons and a unique weapon skins in the game.

There are little easter eggs related to the Xbox. Phil Spencer hid the Xbox Series S on his shelf before it was officially announced, because he discovered a 20-year-old Easter egg earlier this year. Master Chief is hidden inside the Xbox One X and the Xbox Series X.