Impossible Meatballs: An Amazing Animal Meat Alternative

Impossible Foods is on a roll. Following the success of its now-famous Impossible Burger a few years ago, the company has been busy expanding its range of plant-based (and meat-like) proteins, and today announced the launch of its latest product: Impossible Meatballs.

The company said thatImpossible meatballs work perfectly in all of the meatballs that people love, from spaghetti to meatballs subs. The meatballs come in a freezer bag and are ready to be reheated.

Digital Trends is written by Drew Prindle.

This announcement is familiar in many ways. The meatballs are designed to mimic the look, feel, and flavor of a ground meat product. They have a relatively small carbon footprint, requiring 75% less land, 85% less water, and 90% less greenhouse gas emissions to produce than animal-based meatballs.

This announcement is completely different. In contrast to the Impossible Burger, which was only available in a few restaurants, and didn't arrive at store shelves until years after its debut, the movie will be widely available within the next few weeks thanks to a new partnership with Walmart.

The new Impossible Meatballs will be available at Walmart stores this month and will be available at additional retailers later this year. The rapid expansion of Impossible Foods in grocery stores is a critical part of the company's mission to transform the global food system with compelling plant-based products that consumers prefer over animal products.

The most exciting difference is price. A 14-ounce pack of Impossible Meatballs is set to sell for $6.48 in retail stores, which is approximately 46 cents per ounce, compared to the current price of 67 cents per ounce for Impossible Burger products. It isn't enough of a price drop to make them cheaper than animal-based meatballs, but it is an encouraging sign that plant-based meat might become even more affordable in the future.

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