Instagram will now let you rage shake your phone to report a problem

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You should shake your phone to let people know about a problem.

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Adam Mosseri said that the company has added two new features to improve user experience, including a "rage shake" that will let users report a problem more quickly. If the app isn't working as it should, shake the phone and a pop-up screen will ask, "Did something go wrong?" with space for you to report the issue.

Mosseri said that the feature will give feedback that will help prioritize the fixes. He said that they would have someone look at it and explain what happened.

This week:
TheDeletion Carousel is finally here.
- Rage Shake.
Did you know about them? Do you want me to cover any other features? Let me know.
Adam Mosseri is on November 17, 2021.

The ability to remove a single image from a photo carousel was one of the new features that was shipped Wednesday. He said that the company finally got around to shipping it after users asked for it.


A single photo or video can be removed from a multi-feed post.

It is on the social media site,Instagram.

He explained in a video that you can now pick one that you don't like. When you have a photo carousel open in the app, go to the three dots menu at the top right, hit edit, and you will see a deletion icon in the top left that will let you remove it from the carousel.

The carousel feature is only available on the iPad, but US users can rage shake right away regardless of platform.