Kuo: iPhone 14 and Mixed Reality Headset to Feature Wi-Fi 6E

According to reliable analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple's mixed reality headset will have wi-fi 6E.

According to an investor note obtained by MacRumors, an analyst said that new Apple products, including the iPhone 14 and a head-mounted display device, will accelerate an upgrade to the 6E specification. Competition will be encouraged to follow in the footsteps of the two Apple devices that have the 6E feature.

Upcoming head-mounted displays for augmented reality and virtual reality will also offer wi-fi. The high-speed wireless transmissions necessary for augmented and virtual reality experiences will be provided by the new 6E.

It's not clear if this information is related to Apple's product plan or not.

This is the first mention of the upgraded specification for the iPhone 14 in comparison to the previous mention of Apple's headset featuring wi-fi 6E. The rumor that the iPhone 13 lineup would feature wi-fi 6E was never substantiated.

The features and capabilities of wi-fi 6e are extended into the 6 GHz band. Increased bandwidth and less interference are the result of the additional spectrum.

The introduction of new devices with support for the 6 GHz band was made possible by the FCC's adoption of rules last year that made 1,200 MHz of spectrum available for unlicensed use in the United States.