Next Week's Arrowverse Crossover Is All Barry Allen's Fault, Again

Arrowverse fans will love this gag. You can always blame Barry Allen for constantly changing the timeline when something goes wrong. Do you wake up a totally different person? Blame Barry. What if you have superpowers and your life isn't good enough? Blame Barry. Is the multiverse in danger? Even if it's only the movie version, Blame Barry. What's next week's inciting incident for "Armageddon?" Let's take a guess.


Gustin spoke to TV Line about how his Scarlet Speedster would meet Tony Curran, the villain of the crossover. Barry has "leveled-up" and is able to handle old foes like The Royal Flush Gang without difficulty. But then Despero appears and says Barry must die in order to stop some terrible shit. Gustin said that Barry tried to tell Despero this was impossible, but there is enough evidence Despero provides to make Barry worry that this might be the case.

Does the evidence prove half of The Flash’s existence? Barry can make small changes to the timeline, such as erasing John Diggle's birth or becoming his nemesis. Barry could probably sneeze, causing an earthquake at this point. Despero's dead are determined to kill Barry in order to stop the event at the pass. This means that they will call in old friends to assist with their new foe.

Brandon Routh's beloved Legend of Tomorrow Ray Palmer will start the guest stars round. He was the first to cross over on The Flash. "That was fun because it's just two friends catching up for awhile, until Despero comes up." After Ray leaves, other heroes such as Cress Williams' Black Lightning and Javicia Leslie’s Batwoman will join the fray, along with Mia Smoak’s Green Arrow. Gustin says that even though the event will be billed as The Flash, other characters will make it feel like a crossover. It's not just about standalones. You'll see many different characters in the same episodes and the same scenes.

"Armageddon," a crossover of the Arrowverse's first full-blown Arrowverse show since the pandemic, has its own significance. Gustin's life was made easier by the fact that five shows did not need to be balanced. He also had to miss two weeks due to his baby. He recalls that it was "the most difficult stretch of Flash I have had since season one." "My schedule was packed for six weeks. It was great! Although it felt like a cross-over event, it took place "at home."

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The Flash's crossover to "Armageddon", will be held on November 16.

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