Tesla has reportedly been shipping out some cars without USB ports

Some Tesla customers noticed that their Model 3s and Model Ys are missing USB ports. This issue was first discovered by Electrek. Tesla has been reportedly telling customers that there is a chip shortage.
Electrek noted that the issue did not appear to have started until November 11th and is only affecting Model 3s or Model Ys. Reddit users have taken to Reddit to express their concern about missing ports. Many claim that the USB-C ports near the rear seats and on the center console are gone. Electrek also notes that many customers also claim that their EV's wireless charging system isn't working.

Users will be required to drive a costly battery-on-wheels, which can't charge their devices.

Electrek also notes that some buyers claim that Tesla did not tell them their car didn't have USB ports. Some buyers didn't realize the USB ports were missing until they read other reports or when they received their cars.

According to Electrek users who were able to contact Tesla claim that they may have the ports available in December and can make an appointment to have them installed. However, this is not a guarantee that parts will be available at the time. Users will be forced to drive a costly battery-on-wheels, which can't charge their devices.

The chip shortage is affecting many other areas of technology. This includes the automotive industry. Many of BMW's latest models won't have touchscreens, and it is unlikely that buyers will ever be able get one. Even GM was affected by the shortage. It already had to drop wireless charging in certain of its older vehicles and eliminate its fuel management module. The shortage caused Cadillac to discontinue its hands-free Super Cruise feature. All of this being said, it might not be the right time to purchase a new car.