College student dies from 'horrific, horrific injuries' sustained at Astroworld, attorney says

Astroworld memorial Alex Bierens de Haan/Getty Images
Nine people died in the last week's crowd surge at Astroworld music festival.

CNN reports that 22-year old Bharti Shahani, a college student, was killed at Travis Scott's Houston music festival with her cousin and sibling. After being hurt in the crowd surge, she was taken to hospital and put on a ventilator.

James Lassiter (an attorney for Shahani's relatives) told reporters that Shahani was declared dead from the "horrible, horrible injuries she sustained" during the festival. The Washington Post reports. Lassiter stated that "This was an enormous travesty from beginning to end."

According to The Associated Press, Shahani was also described by the attorney as a "shining Star in the Community" and "a sister. A daughter. A high-achieving college student about Texas A&M University with high grades." According to AP, Shahani's mother made emotional comments at a news conference and asked, "What happened?" My baby should be back." According to the Post, Mohit Bellani's cousin placed blame on the concert organizers, claiming that they "suffocated" her. They did this to Bharti.

Another eight people were also killed and many more were injured after the crowd "began to compress toward the front of the stage," as Houston Fire Chief Samuel Pena stated previously. Scott was performing at the festival and the crowd surge happened. Scott is currently facing multiple lawsuits. An investigation into the criminality is ongoing. Scott stated that he is "absolutely devastated" by the tragedy and that he has "my complete support as police continue to investigate."

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