Pope Francis thanked journalists for not allowing the Church to 'sweep' sexual abuse scandals 'under the carpet'

According to Reuters, Pope Francis thanked journalists on Saturday for exposing the Church's sexual abuse,
He thanked reporters for helping him not to sweep it under a carpet and for giving voice to abuse victims.

According to the pope, journalists had a "mission" to leave newsrooms in order to report on the world and expose misinformation.

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According to Reuters, Pope Francis thanked journalists on Saturday for exposing the sexual abuse scandals in the Catholic Church.

According to the report, the pope said "thank you" for telling us about the problems in the Church and helping us to not sweep it under the rug. He also expressed gratitude for the support he gave to victims of abuse.

Pope Francis stated that journalists had a "mission" of reporting on what's happening in the world and combating misinformation.

According to the report, "Not everything can been told through email, phone or screen."

According to Reuters, the pope made these remarks Saturday at an event to honour two long-standing reporters who covered Vatican. These were Philip Pullella, Reuters reporter, and Valentina Alazraki, Noticieros Televisa.

Reuters reported that the scandal of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church began in 2002, when The Boston Globe published a series about clergy abuse of minors and the culture of covering ups within the Church.

According to the report, a recent French investigation revealed that more than 200,000 children were abused by French clergy over the last 70 years.

Pope Francis was criticised earlier in his time as leader of the Catholic Church. He claimed that he didn't believe in victims of abuse and faced criticism. Reuters reported that Francis had apologized for his past actions in 2018 and called for an "all out battle" to end sexual abuse in the church in 2019.