Jared Leto:

You may remember that Jared Leto was the subject of many stories in 2016 before the Suicide Squad film. According to reports, the two-time Joker from David Ayer's film had sent some very messed-up "gifts", including sticky Playboys and condoms. Margot Robbie and Will Smith both claimed that Leto did so, but Leto later admitted it was all lies. Leto is trying to correct the record, with an emphasis of "trying."

The future batman said that his previous antics were a joke while promoting his role in Ridley Scott’s House of Gucci. Entertainment Weekly reported that he said that none of the gifts he had ever received were given in a spirit of adventure and laughter and were always welcomed with joy and laughter. He explained that he was playing a man known for making jokes so it was okay to do some. However, he stressed that no lines were crossed and that he was an angel on set.

Margot was the only person I gave cupcakes. He said that he gave Margot a mouse, which is consistent with an interview Elle did back in 2015. "Some of the guys got gifts that would be used as jokes at a party," he said. Leto clearly doesn't care if you still doubt him. You can also kiss my sex if I do something dangerous and you don’t like it.

EW did not receive any follow-up from Robbie or WB regarding Leto's statements. Leto's statements are the truth for now. We won't be hearing any strange stories about Morbius biting an assistant on set or asking crew members about their blood types as he gets closer to Morbius.

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