Las Vegas Raiders' Denzel Perryman fined $55K for use-of-helmet hit, sources say

According to sources, the NFL fined Denzel Perryman, a Las Vegas Raiders linebacker, $55,000 for excessive roughness/use helmet on Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen HUTTS in Week 7.
Although the play was not penalized, it led to the largest ever fine for an individual on-field action since 2019. Johnathan Abrams, Raiders teammate, was fined $80,000 in 2020 for multiple hits against Atlanta.

Perryman attempted to tackle on a Hurts rush attempt in the first quarter.

According to the NFL football operations website, the use-of-helmet penalty is $20,600 for the first offense and $41,200 the second offense. The fine for a third offense is not listed.

Perryman was only penalized for excessive roughness in Week 3. Last year, he was also subject to unnecessary roughness penalties.

Ron Butler, Perryman's agent is appealing.

Perryman has had a great season in Las Vegas with 91 tackles. He is third in the NFL. In March, the Carolina Panthers signed Perryman to an $1.6 million two-year contract. However, they traded him to Las Vegas where he was reunited with Gus Bradley, their Los Angeles Chargers defensive coordinator.