Woman Almost Loses Her Leg After High-Intensity Spin Class

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Many of us have been to heart-pounding, sweat-inducing classes such as SoulCycle and CrossFit. Although your muscles may feel sore afterwards, these classes rarely cause major injuries. One woman nearly lost her leg in a high-intensity spin class.

Kaelyn Franco, 23, a Massachusetts woman, was diagnosed with rhabdomyolysis in September after she attended a spin class. She told "Today" that the condition developed after she had been attending spin classes. She initially thought that the pain she felt was due to intense exercise.

Franco said that while I was pushing myself, Franco didn't believe I was doing too much. "But, as soon as I got off the bike, I felt my knees give out and fell. It was odd at first. But then, I realized that maybe my muscles were tired, weak, and just a bit sore.

She noticed that her legs felt tighter and started to swell the next day. This she mistakenly thought was due to workout gains. The symptoms worsened and she became unable to walk. Her urine began to turn a darker shade. Franco made the wise decision to visit the hospital.



Doctors discovered that her kidneys were being damaged by rhabdomyolysis, which caused protein to leak into her blood. Acute compartment syndrome was also diagnosed in her right leg, restricting blood flow.

To relieve the pressure on her leg, doctors performed an emergency operation. Franco said that doctors told Franco they could have operated to relieve her leg pain. They could also have taken her life.

Two months have passed since her surgery, and she can't walk on her own without crutches. It could take her up to one year to recover fully, according to medical officials. It's an excellent lesson in moderation when working out and sometimes the results are just not worth it.

She said that she didn't want it to deprive her passion for being active and fit, but she wanted to learn from it and make some changes going forward. "I want to be kind to my body."



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