Increased Offers Galore: Get 70K-100K For Amex Gold Business Card

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Amex Gold Business Card: Increased Offers: 70K to 100K

A few new offers have been launched for the American Express Business Gold card. These could net you between 100,000 and 70,000 Membership Rewards Points. It all depends on what offer you have and how many stacks you are able to do. These offers are more expensive than normal 35K-60K offers. However, the spending required is double.

Updated 11/13/21 (HT DoC)

Update 8/26/21 - I was once again targeted via traditional mailer, this time for the fourth time. Many are also receiving upgrades and expanded membership offers for Amex Business Platinum.

Updated 5/14/21 Even though I had just received the Gold Business Card late last year, I was able sign up for one. I did not receive the pop-up on it, even though I was signed up for regular offers.

UPDATE: 4/20/21: I have added a new offer for the 80K level. However, it requires a much lower spend. You will need to choose which offer best suits your needs.

Update: 3/25/21: More people were targeted by regular mail for the 80K to 90K offers with lifetime language. My wife got one, and several others reported similar experiences in the Miles to Memories Facebook Group.

Earning Structure and Perks of the Amex Business Gold Card

Before we dive into the various offers, let's take a look at what the card gives you.

Earnings Rates

Receive 4X Membership Rewards(r), points for the 2 categories in which your business spent most during each billing cycle.

Purchases of airfare directly from U.S. airlines for advertising in selected media

(online, TV, radio)

Purchases made in the USA directly from selected technology providers of computer hardware (online, TV, radio).

Software, cloud and other solutions

Software and cloud solutions U.S. purchase at gas stations

Restaurant purchases from the United States

Shipping costs for U.S. orders

You will earn 4X points for the first $150,000 combined purchase from these 2 categories in a calendar year. Then, you'll get 1 point per $

Other Perks

You can earn 25% back when you book a flight with American Express Travel using Pay With Points. This applies to flights booked on American Express Travel's selected airline, First or Business Class. Maximum 250,000 points per calendar year.

80K Public Offer

The public offer has been raised to 80,000 Membership Rewards Points. It can be found by visiting their main website (open it in a new browser if it doesn't appear at first). These are the details:

Spend $6,000 in the first three months to earn 80,0000 Membership Rewards Points

The $295 annual fee cannot be waived.

70K Public Offer

First up is the 70,000 Membership Rewards point offer, which is the publicly accessible Amex Gold Business card offer. These are the details:

Spend $10,000 in the first three months to earn 70,000 Membership Rewards points

You can earn up to $300 in credit on eligible U.S. advertising purchases and U.S. shipping orders

$295 annual fee cannot be waived

Find out More

Targeted offers 80K to 90K

Targeted offers are available for either 80,000 or 90,000. These bonuses can be claimed if you spend $10,000 within your first three months of card membership. These links are available to anyone who has used the card within the last 6 years. Before applying, make sure you double-check the language. These are the links that will help you determine if your application is eligible:

This response means that you weren't targeted by the offer

Sorry, this offer is no more available. Click here to apply for an American Express Business Card.

These offers offer higher points, but you will miss the $300 credits. This may be a better choice if you are certain you can easily max them out.

100K Offer Possible

What about having your cake and eating it, with the 2 player one-two step? Benjy was able, through a referral for his wife, to receive the 70K increase and $300 in statement credit. He also used a 30K referral form his Amex Gold card to get the increased 70K offer and $300 in statement credits.

One thing to keep in mind when considering this route is that the 30,000 points referral will be subject to a $300 tax. This could make it less value than the 90K offer, etc. Although it is unlikely, it is something you should be aware of.

Last Thoughts

There are many offers on the Amex Gold Business Card right now. It was available as a referral offer for 60K, which required only $5,000 of spend. The spend was easier for me, so I like this offer slightly more. These new deals are hard to beat if you have the ability to meet the higher requirements and max out the $300 credit.

What Amex Business Gold offer interests you most? Are you still waiting for the lower-spend offers to return? Comment below to let me know your thoughts.