Video shows Steve Bannon apparently unaware as a TV behind him flashed the news he had been indicted

Screenshot of Steve Bannon's podcast "War Room", November 12, 2021. The emphasis is on the MSNBC headline. Bannon's War Room and Rumble
On Friday, a grand jury indicted Steve Bannon for two counts of contempt.

As Bannon was hosting his daily show, "War Room", the news broke.

Video of Bannon showed a MSNBC headline on a TV in front of him. He seemed to not notice it.

Steve Bannon was live-streaming his show "War Room" when he learned of his indictment.

The stream clip shows Bannon apparently unaware that the news was on the TV behind him, showing MSNBC.

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A grand jury indicted Bannon for refusing to cooperate with the congressional investigation into the Capitol Riot of January 6.

As the MSNBC chyron displayed the words "Bannon indicted", Bannon continued his conversation with his co-hosts regarding an NBC New York article about Chinese GOP voters.

Steve Bannon hosts his current show, and he talks about Latino support for Trump.

Meanwhile, the television behind him features a chyron from MSNBC:"BANNON INDICTED..." -- Tom Dreisbach (@TomDreisbach) November 12, 2021

Bannon didn't mention his indictment during the 52-minute podcast. Insider could not reach him to comment.

Raheem Kassam, his co-host, suggested that Bannon knew what was happening but didn't mention the fact to anger left-wingers.

Friday's charges were brought against Bannon after he refused to comply with a subpoena from the House Select Committee, which was investigating the Jan 6 Capitol riot.

Bannon declined to take a deposition, and refused to produce any documents or communications relevant to the panel.

The January 6th committee decided to bring criminal contempt charges against him.

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-Betsy Woodruff Swan (@woodruffbets) November 12, 2021

According to Insider's Eliza Relman, Sonam Sheth, the Department of Justice's first sign that it is serious about referring Congress' criminal contempt referrals is in the proceedings against Bannon.

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