Twitter Blue Is for People Who Love Reading the News

Do you need Twitter Blue? It all depends on your level of Twitter expertise. You also have ad-free access and articles from many journalism organizations, including The Washington Post, Rolling Stone, The Atlantic, and Rolling Stone.
Twitter Blue is a bit overwhelming when compared to the many third-party apps that make Twitter more powerful--plugins that allow you to auto-delete tweets and search within tweets you've liked - Twitter chose to be narrow in its offering, focusing on a select group of users and giving them the exact features they need.

Photo: Twitter

Twitter Blue does not remove ads from a user's Twitter feed, or make any changes to the Twitter experience. It is part of the company’s plan to diversify revenue beyond advertising and to become more than just a place for people to share their thoughts in 280 characters. Twitter bought Revue and Breaker (an audio social media service) in January to expand its product offerings. It also acquired Scroll, an ad free news reader, in March.

Twitter Blue will be a hit with people who loved Scroll. The cost of the service is almost identical, but it's much less expensive than Scroll. Scroll charges $5 per month. A portion of the subscription fees for Twitter Blue will be returned to its partners. Twitter didn't disclose the amount, but stated in a blog post that it wanted to "help each publishing partner make 50% more per person than they would have made by serving ads to that person."