'Star Trek: Prodigy' is already renewed for a second season

Only a few episodes into the first season of Star Trek: Prodigy, it has already been renewed officially for a second season. This is the good news.
The bad news is that Paramount Plus has revealed the entire first season schedule. While it boasts a 20-episode lineup and there are two mid-season breaks, we will have to wait almost a full year.

Paramount Plus will air the next 10 episodes of the series after the first five-episode finale. This is what Paramount Plus calls "the second half" of Season 1. Here are the steps to stream Star Trek: Prodigy online. You can also stream Star Trek: Prodigy online using our Star Trek streaming guide.

Star Trek: Prodigy will teach young viewers about the wonders and possibilities of space, just like the characters on the show. Image credit: Paramount Plus

Here is the current schedule for the first season.

Episodes 1 and 2...October 28, 2021

Episode 3...November 4, 2021

Episode 4...November 11, 2021

Episode 5...November 18, 2021


Episode 6...January 6. 2022

Episode 7...January 13, 2022

Episode 8...January 20, 2022

Episode 9...January 27, 2022

Episode 10...February 3, 2022


Episodes 11-20...Late 2022

This is a strange decision, to put it mildly. These were likely meant to be separate seasons. Therefore, it's not immediately clear why they have been combined like this.

Paramount Plus and Nickelodeon collaborated to create this latest version of Star Trek. It follows five alien teens from diverse backgrounds who are held on an unknown planet in an unknown part of the galaxy. They race across the planet in search of a starship that has been lost to space and escape their prison cells. They manage to get into the ship but it is not functional.

Prison guards are on the alert when they stumble across an Emergency Training Hologram, which is Capt. Janeway is voiced by Kate Mulgrew. The show also features Kate Mulgew as Janeway, Ella Purnell as Gwyn, and Jason Mantzoukas as Jankom Pog. They are the rag-tag gang made up of alien reprobates, and they are being chased by Diviner (John Noble), and Drednok(Jimmi Simpson).

Plus...Jason Alexander (Doctor Noum), Jamela Jamil, (Ensign Asencia), Daveed Diggs and Robert Beltran (Capt. Chakotay. Yes.

You can see the opening sequence of Star Trek: Prodigy here.

Paramount Plus is streaming "Star Trek: Prodigy" in the US. Paramount Plus can also stream the show in international territories, including Latin America and the Nordics. Paramount+ also offers the first and second seasons of "Star Trek: Lower Decks", as well as all three seasons of Star Trek: Discovery.

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