Amazon warehouse staff in New York withdraw their union petition from the NLRB

According to AP News, Amazon warehouse workers in New York withdrew the union petition on Friday.
Christian Smalls, an ex-employee who led the effort, said that they planned to submit it again "ASAP".

After a failed attempt in Alabama, the union drive was announced in April.

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Multiple reports claim that Amazon warehouse workers in Staten Island withdrew Friday's petition to the National Labor Relations Board, (NLRB), to unionize.

Christian Smalls, an ex-Amazon employee and driving the drive, stated that workers would resubmit their petitions as soon as possible.

Smalls stated that @amazonlabor met all requirements and submitted over 2K signed cards. "We are facing a turnover rate 150% so the card verification didn't go in our favor this time. Do not be discouraged, we will resubmit ASAP."

Officials from the NLRB confirmed the withdrawal, The Associated Press reported Friday. A hearing was scheduled for November 22.

Amazon did not immediately respond to our request for comment.

Christian Smalls, President of the Amazon Labor Union, is seen with supporters at the Amazon distribution centre in Staten Island, New York on Monday, October 25, 2021. He holds "Authorization of Representation” forms that were previously delivered to the National Labor Relations Board, New York. Craig Ruttle/AP Photo

In late April, the union drive in Staten Island was announced. This is a borough in New York City. It came just weeks after another failed attempt to unionize in Bessemer (Alabama). About 71% of valid ballots cast in Bessemer were against unionization.

Amazon, the nation's largest employer, was previously accused of trying to prevent workers from joining unions by posting anti-union messages.

Alabama's company was accused in Alabama of intimidating employees. It stated that it could be easy to predict that the union would claim that Amazon won the election because they intimidated them, but this is not true. Our employees received far more anti-Amazon messaging from the union, policymakers and media outlets than what they heard from us.

Vice reported that Staten Island officials discovered that Amazon management had stopped a worker handing out union leaflets.

In September 2018, Amazon opened its Staten Island fulfillment centre.