Harry Maguire: England defender's celebration against Albania annoys Roy Keane

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Harry Maguire's goal was one of five England goals in the first half against Albania.

Harry Maguire, a Manchester United defender, celebrated scoring a goal against Albania after a dip in form by cupping his hands at his ears and performing a spectacular knee slide.

It was a historic moment for the 28 year-old. He scored a sixth goal for his nation to bring him up to Jack Charlton's level and John Terry's as the Three Lions most prolific defenders.

The centre-back felt relief as it was a moment of calm after a long and difficult time at club level.

After sustaining a calf injury in the earlier part of the season, he was back to play for the United team that conceded 11 goals in three matches, four against Leicester and five against Liverpool.

Roy Keane, former Manchester United captain, was not impressed by Maguire's celebration.

"He puts his arm around his ears. "He's like shutting down the critics up, but I think it's embarrassing," Keane, an ITV pundit, said at half-time.

Manchester United has been disgraceful with him for the past few months. He believes that because he scored there, he will silence his critics. Embarrassing."

Gareth Southgate, England manager, acknowledged the struggles of the ex-Leicester player but was happy for him.

"Is he Hulk Hogan a fan?" Southgate stated that he didn't know the purpose of the celebration.

"He is a fantastic player. Two months ago, he was part of the Euros team.

England's win means they are one point away from qualifying for next year's World Cup.

"He has rushed to get back because he feels compelled to help his club. There are many players who hide in the treatment rooms, but he hasn't done that. He is a great man.

He understands that you are always judged to be a fully fit player. We had a great conversation and he was very impressed by his performance tonight.

England's 9th minute goal against Albania was Maguire's. This result set them on their way to a 5-0 win that places them in the final stages of qualifying for next year’s World Cup in Qatar.

To qualify, the Three Lions will only need one point from Monday's final game against San Marino.