Hollywood's Strict Covid Protocols Will Remain in Place Until January

The U.S. film industry was initially unable to continue after the outbreak of covid-19. However, it began to recover last year with new protocols in place to ensure that production sets, which are places where people must interact in close spaces, remain as safe as possible.

The Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers and Screen Actors Guild agreed that standard procedures such as regular on-site testing and strict social distancing were necessary to stop the spread of the virus on film sets. The new protocols were originally supposed to expire in April. However, they were extended as the outbreak continued. Although film sets have adjusted to the new normal in varying degrees to accommodate the pandemic, Hollywood has agreed to continue playing safe until January next year.

Deadline reports that current protocols will be extended to January 15, after which time teams from respective unions will likely meet again to review the situation. This extension comes as some studios announce plans to require all film set employees to be vaccinated. Although it's not clear how serious Hollywood is still hesitant about embracing covid-19, there is no doubt that the studios are taking the matter seriously.

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