'Nobody's gonna know': Chinese restaurant serving sesame chicken using dino-shaped nuggets goes viral

TikTok jokes about a Chinese restaurant that used dinosaur-shaped nuggets for their sesame chicken.

The 'hard knock' life: A stainless chafing tray containing nuggets in the shape of dinosaurs can be seen being covered with sauce and sesame in the viral video posted to TikTok Nov. 3.

The video by @dinonuggies4life2021 is captioned, "Things really do be rough out there " with hashtags including "#foodfail," "#foodshortage2021" and "#chickenshortage."

Additionally, the user wrote "Are y’all seeing what? I'm seeing?" in the video. The background music to "It’s the Hard-Knock Life” from the movie "Annie" was also used.

Since it's gone viral, @dinonuggies4life2021 has reposted the same video multiple times to feature some of the comments from the original video. This is an example from the comment "They won't know". They're gonna find" paired with "Nobody's Gonna Know TikTok audio.

It is not known where the Chinese restaurant was located or what its name was.

Featured Image via @dinonuggies4life2021

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