Judge Tosses Out Michael Cohen’s Bid For Trump Organization To Pay His Legal Bills

A state court in Manhattan will not require the Trump Organization to reimburse former Trump attorney Michael Cohen for millions of dollars in legal expenses, a judge ruled Friday, dismissing a years-old lawsuit filed by the Trump loyalist-turned-antagonist.

Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump’s former personal lawyer and fixer, arrives at a federal court... [+] to attend his sentencing hearing in New York City on December 12, 2018. Getty Images

The Key Facts

Joel Cohen, a Manhattan judge, dismissed the lawsuit against Michael Cohen with prejudice on Friday. Cohen sued the Trump Organization early in 2019, claiming that the company promised to pay Cohen any legal bills he incurred as a result of a series of federal investigations into Cohen's work. However, Cohen started cooperating with investigators and the agreement was rescinded. The judge ruled that many of the legal expenses, including those incurred in a criminal investigation into Cohen or Robert Mueller's election interference probe, were not related to Cohen’s work for Trump Organization. Judge cited Cohen's "amorphous" role as ex-President Trump's personal "fixer," noting that Cohen worked both as a Trump Organization staffer as well as in connection to "his more general role in the Trump orbit." Trump Organization also called the decision an "incredible win" in a statement to CNN, declaring "Mr. Cohen's efforts at self-enrichment failed again" (Forbes reached out to Cohen's lawyers and the Trump Organization for comment).

Important Quote

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Big Number

More than $1.9 million This is the amount Cohen claimed that the Trump Organization owed him in 2019 court filings.

Important Background

Cohen was a Trump Organization executive, personal attorney and was often referred to as Trump's "fixer." He once told Vanity Fair that he is "the guy who would take a bullet to the president." Cohen pleaded guilty in 2018 to federal campaign finance violations stemming out large payments made to stop Stormy Daniels from discussing their alleged affairs. Cohen claims the payments were made at Trump’s direction. Cohen also pleaded guilty for lying to Congress regarding a Trump-related business venture in Moscow. Cohen was sentenced to three-years in prison for lying to Congress about a Trump business venture in Moscow. In a book, Cohen called Trump a racist and sexist. He also testified before Congress in 2019 that his ex-boss had systematically undervalued his real estate holdings to the tax authorities and then inflated them to lenders.