Travis Scott Holed Up at Home, Giving Victims' Families Room to Grieve

Travis Scott, still distraught by the events of one week ago, has taken refuge in Houston.
Ed McPherson joined "TMZ live" Friday to discuss Travis and the events at Astroworld. McPherson admits there is still much to be done on the investigation but he insists Travis knew nothing about the terrible circumstances that led to 8 deaths.

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McPherson says Travis is distraught, especially since the tragedy occurred in Houston and he hasn't left there since.

Travis was scheduled to perform in Vegas this weekend. He's since cancelled the show, and there is a petition to stop Coachella next year.

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Ed believes that Travis is not thinking about performing right now. He wants to allow the families of the victims to grieve and has created an email account with his team so they can reach him whenever they are ready. He has promised to pay the funeral expenses for the 9 victims of the show.