Mark Zuckerberg and his metaverse just got roasted by… Iceland?!

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, has a sorry, Meta. He says that his company is creating an immersive world for people to meet, work together, and enjoy the beauty of their surroundings. We wish we could all be there now!
We can, it's all around us.

This is the latest roast that Zuckerberg has been gifted by Inspired by Iceland, an Iceland tourism and business board. Yep, Iceland.

A video was posted by the group Thursday that featured Zuckerberg's robotic and equally bizarre Icelandic counterpart, Zack Mossbergsson. (You gotta love a double "s" in an unexpected location! Mossbergsson invites viewers to "this natural setting" in order to introduce a new chapter in human connectivity, The Icelandverse.

Mossbergsson continues to demonstrate how you can see the beauty and touch the water in nature, as well as meet people from the Icelandverse. Amazing!

Are you getting it? In essence, some genius at Inspired by Iceland used the absurdity of the metaverse -- a transparent effort by Mark Zuckerberg to distract us from their many scandals -- in order to showcase how amazing Iceland is. They got waterfalls. They had geysers. They had hot springs that contained zinc-faced Icelanders. It's hard to imagine anyone not wanting to visit the Icelandverse. This looks way more fun than the nightmare.