Goodbye conservatorship. Hello independent Britney Spears.

Britney Spears' conservatorship ended Friday, thirteen years after a series mental health episodes caused a media storm and legal-questionable medical interventions.
This closes a long period that included both medical and financial oversight. Many believe this violated Spears' autonomy. It also relied on an outdated but all too common view of mental healthcare treatment for women.

Spears took to Instagram and Twitter to express her feelings. She uploaded a video showing fans outside the court in a frenzy of pink dust, glitter and sparkle. Spears wrote: "Good God, I love my fans so deeply it's crazy! I think I'm going to cry the rest !!!! It was the best day of my life... Praise the Lord... Can I get an Amen ????"?

CNN reported that a Los Angeles judge, Brenda Penny, decided to end the financial and personal conservatorships of Spears and her estate. All assets were transferred to Penny's trust. For the conservatorship to be dissolved, the court will not require a medical assessment.

Matthew Rosengart, Spears' lawyer, spoke to the media and fans outside the courthouse following the announcement.

Rosengart stated that Britney's next move, which is the first time it could be said in about a decade, will be up to Britney.

Fans applauded the online decision, with Sam Asghari, Spears' fiance, posting on Instagram to celebrate the termination. "History was made today. Britney is free! Asghari wrote the caption to his post.

Penny removed Jamie Spears, her father, from the conservatorship in September and appointed John Zabel as temporary administrator of her estate. Spears' father, Jamie Spears, filed a request for the termination of the conservatorship on Nov. 1 ahead of Friday's court proceedings. Alex Weingarten, his lawyer, stated that Spears' father had no interest in the conservatorship, and that he loved and supported his daughter unconditionally. Rolling Stone reported that the elder Spears had no interest in the conservatorship and that he "unconditionally loves and supports his daughter."

Spears, in a now deleted Instagram posting from last week also accused Lynne Spears' mother and her former business partner Lou Taylor for being involved with the forced conservatorship. Spears' financial and medical decisions are now being made by neither her parents nor any of her business partners, lawyers or managers as of Friday.