Britney Spears Conservatorship Terminated

Britney Spears is now free, as the judge swiftly ended her conservatorship... effective immediately.
Britney was insistent that the judge would end conservatorship without any further mental evaluation.

Britney's lawyer Mathew Rosengart began the hearing. He quoted Britney's June which Britney stated, "I just want to have my life back."

The judge asked all lawyers present in court as well as online if they had any objections. The conservatorship was ended by all parties, lawyers included.

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With minor exceptions, both Britney's conservatorship and her estate conservatorship were terminated. Rosengart requested that the estate conservatorship be retained solely for the execution of the documents necessary to transfer Britney's assets to the trust she controls.

The judge read the order, which ended this story in about 30 minutes.

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However, this doesn't resolve the dispute about the conservatorship process. Rosengart made it clear that he would like a complete accounting from all those involved in the conservatorship. This includes Jamie Spears and Lou Taylor to show how much they have transferred from the conservatorship into their accounts. All that being said, Rosengart stated that Britney can decide if she wants to pursue Jamie or Lou Taylor.

Rosengart made one point clear after the hearing: he stated that James P. had corrupted this conservatorship. Spears."

Rosengart believes that there was misappropriation by conservatorship members, at Britney's expense. Her estate is valued at $60 million, as we reported. Rosengart believes that it should be higher, and would be if lawyers Jamie, Lou Taylor, and other people taking salary cuts from the estate.

Britney is now in control of her life and can marry Sam, have children if she chooses, and buy a house. This is something they both want. Britney is said to have bad memories of the house she lived in during her long-running conservatorship.


Rosengart created a "safety network" to ensure Britney has support in financial and personal matters. Jodi Montgomery, Britney's personal conservator, has accepted to continue working for her. Rosengart has also placed a financial manager to help protect and grow her assets.

TMZ broke the story. Britney wants to record music again, but she is still looking for a producer and the right material.

We are told that she does not plan to perform again, at least not at this point.