Apple's 2022 iMac Pro: Everything We Know

Apple is currently working on a redesigned version for the larger-screened iMac. This could include the return of the "iMac Pro", which was used to distinguish it from the original 24-inch iMac released by Apple in 2021. It could be launched in the first half 2022 with an updated design, M1 Pro/Max chip, and a mini LED display.


Dylandkt, a leaker, claims that the upcoming iMac will look similar to the 24-inch iMac's design and the Pro Display XDR. It will have black bezels. If it looks similar to the Pro Display XDR's, then bezel size may be smaller and it might have a lower chin.


The next-generation iMac, like the 2021 MacBook Pro models will use a mini-LED screen for brighter colors and deeper blacks. It will also feature ProMotion technology which allows for a refresh rate of up to 120Hz.

A refresh rate of 120Hz will enable smoother gameplay and easier scrolling through apps such as Safari. It will also improve animations across macOS.

Some rumors suggest that the iMac will feature a larger display than 27 inches in order to match the smaller iMac's rise from 21.5 inches down to 24 inches. However, Ross Young, a display analyst, says it will measure 27 inches like the current model.

According to Dylandkt, Apple has tested Face ID on the iMac Pro. However, it isn't a confirmed feature, and it's unclear if Face ID will be included in the final release.


The iMac will likely offer a similar configuration to the MacBook Pro's, with Apple including USB/Thunderbolt ports and an SD card slot.

Apple could include an Ethernet port in the power adapter, just like it did for the 24-inch iMac.

M1 Pro/Max Chips

The iMac Pro will have the same M1 Pro- and M1 Max processors as the MacBook Pro. Apple may also offer a higher-end configuration.

Both the M1 Pro (and M1 Max) have the same 10-core CPU, though there is also an 8-core M1 Pro. The M1 Pro has 16 graphics cores while the M1 Max has 32.


Apple internally calls the iMac "iMac Pro", and it could also be the launch name, which would be in line to the iPad Pro and MacBook Pro.

The 27-inch iMac Pro is distinguished from the 24-inch model by the "iMac Pro" name. It also makes it clear that it has the same "Pro", chips as the MacBook Pro.


Base iMac Pros are said to have 16GB RAM and a 512GB SSD. Pricing is expected to start around $2,000.

The upcoming iMac Pro is expected to launch sometime between 2022 and 2023, possibly in the first half or before WWDC. It will replace the Intel-based 27 inch iMac, which is one of the oldest Mac models still using Intel processors.