Jon Gruden Sues NFL & Roger Goodell, You Destroyed My Career

Jon Gruden accuses Roger Goodell and the NFL of a "malicious, orchestrated destroy [his] career & reputation."
Gruden claims that the NFL and Goodell obtained his emails from Bruce Allen, his former coworker.

Former Raiders head coach claimed that the NFL and its commish held the emails for months, only to release them when Gruden could be most hurt.

Gruden describes this as a "soviet style character assassination."

Gruden claims that the NFL discovered hundreds of thousands emails in a larger investigation into allegations of sexual harassment against Washington Football Team players. However, he only asserts that the NFL released emails that implicate Gruden.

According to the 58-year old, Goodell and the league kept all other players secret.

Gruden claims that the NFL initially released only one email, the one containing DeMaurice Smith's reference to the NFLPA executive director. Gruden then began pressing the Raiders for his firing.

Gruden claimed that the NFL released another batch of emails saying the league had "weaponized them". Gruden was forced to resign when the Raiders refused.

Gruden noted in the suit, that the NFL has always tried to be transparent by issuing written reports regarding a variety of past investigations including Deflategate and Ray Rice.

According to the former coach, the leak was intended to distract from the NFL's inept handling of the sexual harassment claims against WFT.

Gruden is suing the NFL for unspecified damages, including punitive damages. Gruden claims that the NFL's actions led to him losing his sponsorships and recognition (including his spot in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Ring of Honor).

Gruden has never denied sending offensive emails, but it should be noted.

Gruden's claims were denied by the NFL, who stated that they are "completely meritless" and would vigorously defend them.