United States high jumper Erik Kynard to get 2012 Olympic gold medal from Russian doper

LAUSANNE (Switzerland) - Erik Kynard, an American high jumper, will finally receive his gold medal at the 2012 London Olympics. The IOC approved Friday's reallocation of some results due to doping cases.
Kynard's 2.33 meter leap was second to Ivan Ukhov's, who was later proven to have participated in the Russian-backed steroid doping programme.

Ukhov was expelled from the Court of Arbitration for Sport for four years in 2019. Ukhov appealed to the Court of Arbitration for Sport last year, but was not able to reverse the decision.

The International Olympic Committee executive Board approved Friday's reallocation of medals and final results in five London Olympics events, including the men's and womens high jump.

The men's gold Kynard has been upgraded to bronze, so the bronze medalists from 2012 will now each receive silver medals: Robbie Grabarz, Derek Drouin, and Mutaz Essa Barrshim, both of Canada. Barshim was also the Tokyo Olympics gold medalist in August.

The bronze medal in women's high jumping from a Russian woman was also re-allocated by the IOC. Svetlana Shkolina, a Russian athlete, was disqualified from doping. Ruth Beitia, a Spaniard will receive the bronze.