Top Aviation Jokes and Memes

This is Captain speaking. Please make sure you have your seatbelts securely fastened, that your tray tables are locked away, and that your aviation meme pages are loaded. We're about take off into the funny world of aviation memes.
Today, we share some of our favorite jokes from the Instagram account @aviationhumor.

Squid Game: New instrument pilots

Anyone who has ever been through instrument training will know the difficulties of holding patterns. The difficulty in holding patterns is similar to the second game on the TV series, "Squid Game".

The new Dyson jet engine!

Dyson vacuum cleaners and hairdryers are well-known, but the British company recently unveiled their latest invention: The Dyson Jet full bypass engine. This electric-powered engine is 100% efficient and will "blow away" all other engines!

The favor.

Ahh yes, the moment when a friend asks for you to buy them a coke and you choose one for yourself... All that's missing is Bill Gates to be my friend. He should also ask me the same question. Gulfstream, here I come!

What would you buy?

We have the boogie insight!

It is so outdated to invest in speed cameras or police cars. Speeding cases would fall if fighter jets patrolled the roads.

757 or 737MAX?

Everybody will have their opinion, so let me hear yours! For me, I like the charm that the long pencil-shaped-looking plane has!

You can say goodbye to gym memberships

If you can become a Boeing pilot, why go to the gym? All jokes aside, is there any pilot who would like to make a comment?

Pilots at airport coffee shops

Barrista: "And your name?"

FO: "My name is John, but you can write Fleet Chief ..."


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Last but not least, we present one of the greatest aviation memes! Did you know anyone who used the phrase "I'm an airplane pilot"?

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