'Snoopy in Space' season 2 blasts off on Apple TV Plus with 'The Search for Life'

What did the first ever beagle to land on a moon? You can also explore the rest of the universe.
Snoopy, the Peanuts comic strip character and NASA mascot, will be back on Apple TV Plus for the second season of "Snoopy in Space", the award-winning animated series created in partnership with NASA. This show is designed to encourage students to pursue a career in STEM (science technology engineering and mathematics).

The second season premieres today (Nov. 12, with all 12 episodes streaming).

The first season of "Snoopy in Space" debuted two years back. In it, the Peanuts gang visited Johnson Space Center Houston and Space Center Houston. This is where Snoopy realized his dream of becoming an astronaut and launched on missions to the International Space Station (and the moon). Season two features Charlie Brown, Franklin and Linus back at NASA, as Snoopy attempts to solve one of the most intriguing mysteries of humankind: Is there life beyond the stars?

In the second season, "Snoopy in Space" returns to NASA's Johnson Space Center with the entire Peanuts gang. Image credit: Apple TV+

"Snoopy, his friends bring NASA’s most exciting research to life, including drilling into oceans within distant moons and even searching out exoplanets far outside our solar system," Apple TV+ explained in a release. Snoopy's and Woodstock's road trip includes many more adventures, just like any other good road trip.

The release stated that "This season's emphasis on space is through 'The Search for Life', which highlights the scientific processes and technology behind exploration of space, the need for resilience when faced with setbacks, as well as the importance of imagination in trying to find creative solutions."

WildBrain's "Snoopy in Space" is a production of Peanuts Worldwide. It builds on a partnership between NASA, Peanuts Worldwide and allows Snoopy to be used along with other characters by Charles M. Schulz in order to promote NASA's deep-space exploration missions and efforts to engage students. The educational outreach agreement, now in its fourth year of operation, expands on an ongoing partnership that saw Snoopy serve as safety mascot for NASA employees.

NASA has been awarding the "Silver Snoopy", a NASA prize, to employees and contractors for their contributions to safety and success in human-spaceflight missions for more than 50 years. "Snoopy", "Charlie Brown" were also astronaut-chosen call sign for Apollo 10, the 1969 mission that was a rehearsal for the first lunar landing.

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"Snoopy in Space" was developed in collaboration with NASA and aims to inspire a new breed of space explorers. (Image credit to Apple TV+).

The new agreement allows the beagle to appear in an orange spacesuit in the "Snoopy in Space", animated series. It also includes a appearance in a line of apparel and merchandise for children.

Apple TV Plus released the "DIY Snoopy Space Lab" to accompany "Snoopy in Space - The Search for Life". This collection includes three STEM "missions," which kids can complete at home. These include making galaxy slime and building a satellite. You can also create your own moon sand. You can find the instructions for each on the Apple TV YouTube channel.