Amazon Smart Plug review: Everything should be so easy

The Amazon Smart Plug has been my favorite hardware product Amazon ever created. I have used it for several days. Smart plugs are not something I am unfamiliar with. There are many smart plugs in my home. They range from old-school Wemo and Insteon sockets, to cheap iHome adapters, to greener models such as Edimax's. These adapters are a great way for any device to become smart enough to turn on and off by command. These devices work because they are simple. It's difficult to create something that does only one thing and doesn't work. It's not always easy to set things up. Some plugs can be more difficult to set up, especially if you're using a voice assistant. Every one of the plugs I tried required some technical literacy in order to properly install. Until now.
Simple and smart Amazon Smart Plug. Bottom line: The Amazon Smart Plug is a great option for anyone who is invested in the Alexa ecosystem. It is extremely reliable, simple to set-up, and works well. Google Assistant users should consider other options. The Good 15 Amp input/output

Proper 3-prong design

Setup that is foolproof

Google Assistant Integration: Bypass the Bad No Google Assistant

Amazon Price: $25

Amazon Smart Plug Price and Availability

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Amazon Smart Plug is a product designed for the Amazon Alexa ecosystem. It can only be purchased at Amazon. Despite the fact that you cannot use Best Buy Rewards to purchase it, Amazon sells its products almost anywhere with fast and easy shipping. You can't hold the product in your hands before you buy it for any reason. Amazon has a simple return policy. Amazon Smart Plug's 2018 launch price was $25. What smart plugs can do? Smart plugs are not very smart. Although they will become smarter in the future, for now they can simply turn on or off using a command from software running over your Wi-Fi network. There are 25 trusted and reliable brands of smart plugs available. They all work the same way. The hardware aspect of Amazon's Smart Plug doesn't differ from most others. The "adapter" version of the Smart Plug plugs into existing sockets without the need for tools or knowledge. It does not cover the outlets of a standard wall socket. It is indoor-only and should not be left unattended, such as a space heater or medical device. There are many companies that make similar products, some of which are quite expensive. The Alexa software is what makes the Amazon Smart Plug stand out. Amazon's Frustration Free Setup program. We will go over the setup process and explain why it is so special, but first we need to know some technical details.

Category Specification Input 100-120 VAC

60 Hz

15 Amp Output (resistive), 120 VAC

60 Hz

15 Amp Output (inductive), 120 VAC

60 Hz

Motor 10 Amp Output 120 VAC

60 Hz

1/2 HP Output (incandescent) 100 - 120 AC

60 Hz

TV-5 Operating Temp 0 - 35 Celcius IP rating IP30

These are not important to you. It can be left unattended and will still work with all your everyday items. Amazon Smart Plug - Frustration-Free Installation

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Amazon's Frustration Free Setup program is what makes the Amazon Smart Plug stand out from the rest. For all the details, click this link. Here's a quick overview. For automatic setup, you only need to have an Echo Plus or Sub of the second-generation Amazon products. The Echo Pluses and Subs of the second-generation Echo Pluses arrived in my Smart Plug. I opened the Smart Plug box, plugged it in to the wall and then opened the Alexa app from my phone. In less than five seconds, I received a notification that my Smart Plug had been named "First Plug" and I could turn it off by saying "Alexa turn on First Plug." The setup was complete in a matter of seconds. I was curious what the next step would be if I didn’t own a second-generation Echo. I removed my first Echo and left it running, then I used another Smart Plug to do the same thing. After following the instructions, I opened Alexa and tapped the button to add hardware. The app would use my saved Wi-Fi network for the exact same result.

Source: Jerry Hildenbrand/Android Central

This is crucial. This is important. It's not something anyone wants to do. Amazon's setup process is the best. I expect all smart devices to be able to connect in the future. If it doesn't, reviews will be updated accordingly. Amazon Smart Plug My wishlist Although these are not necessarily things that should be in the "cons" category, there are still some things I would like to see in the "plus" version. All of these would add significantly to the cost, which is already quite high, but there's still room for them. Weatherproof options are available. I like being outside. To be smart, I need to have everything outside.

I like being outside. I like being outside. To be smart, I need to have everything outside. An option for GFCI. I have multiple aquariums and would love to replace my mess of timers with smart plugs. The deck bar that I use as a temporary bar is also a problem.

. I own several aquariums, and would love to replace my messy timers with smart plugs. The deck has a bar that I made from scrap materials. Decor colors . You'll find that not everyone likes white outlets when you visit any hardware store. You won't find white smart plugs for everyone. Instead, you will see brown, ivory and black options.

. You'll find that not all people want white outlets when you visit the hardware store's electrical aisle. You won't find white smart plugs for everyone. Instead, you will see brown, ivory and black options. Surge protection Lightning happens.

Lightning strikes. Lightning happens. USB ports. Place a small transformer on the side to power all your devices. This is not an essential list and it shouldn't impact your purchasing decision. This is more of an "thinking aloud” list to encourage discussion and encourage alternatives in a device this good. Amazon Smart Plug One flaw

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Google Assistant is not compatible with the Amazon Smart Plug. Although IFTTT and other smart companies will make it possible, it may not work with Google Assistant. This is a major problem that could negate all the praise I have given this product. It's not hard to see why anyone would pass it on. Amazon and Google, along with FireTV, Ring and Nest by association, are caught in a love-hate dispute that is unlikely to ever be resolved. You and I won't be able to buy all Nest's products from Amazon. Alexa support for Nest products becomes worse than better. Google will not add native support for Amazon hardware into Google Assistant. This is an important issue if you use Google Assistant in conjunction with Amazon Alexa. It's too big to ignore an amazing gadget. If you live in a mixed household, some of the most powerful smart plugs for Alexa and Google Home will work with both. The new Google smart home directory is a great resource for anyone who wants to start a smart home. Amazon Smart Plug: The competition

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If you use Alexa to setup the Amazon Smart Plug, it is the easiest. TP Link's Kasa brand is a popular choice for smart outlets, plugs and power strips. They also have their own app that can be used to schedule. Smart plugs are also available from many companies for outdoor use. You'll also find products from Ring and BN-Link. Another benefit you'll find is that other brands can also be integrated into smart homes powered by SmartThings or Google Alexa. This is a major factor in many people's buying decisions. Amazon Smart Plug: Should you buy it

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No if you use Google Assistant to control smart devices in your home. This is not a product you should buy in hopes of someone getting it to work. You can buy one of the smart plugs that works already. This smart plug is great if you don't require it to work with Google Assistant. We should all support products that make it easy to set up. 4.5 stars I must judge a product based on its intended purpose. The Amazon Smart Plug gets 4.5 stars. It could cost $5 less. It is the most simple smart product I have ever seen and could be the star of any "it just works!" campaign. Amazon's Alexa platform, which is a great tool for innovation, is poised to surpass Google. Smart Plugs can be used to create custom skills, and may be just what you are looking for. This product is a great choice for anyone who wants to be part of the Alexa ecosystem. It's simple, but I recommend it to everyone.

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Amazon Smart Plug Bottom Line: The Amazon Smart Plug is a great option for anyone who is invested in the Alexa ecosystem. It works well, is reliable, and is very easy to set up. Google Assistant users should consider other options. Amazon $25