The AFC is terrible and they’re leading us to doom

It is probably unfair to criticize a team's performance on Thursday night. Thursday Night Football should not exist. There is not enough time for teams and the majority of the games are always off. It's a game where everyone is blindfolded. The AFC's 22-10 loss to the Dolphins by the Ravens is a regular occurrence. Each time we think a team is good, they have a streak or game that deflates our belief in them.


The Titans lost their best player. I offer a bonfire that you can throw your money into to save time and toss your cash in. A flu-ridden sloth can't be stopped by the Chargers. Josh Allen must have been so mad that Aaron Rodgers made everyone forget that he is also a mutton-headed chud. Baker Mayfield will throw the ball 85 MPH, which will be six feet over his target's head. This is the Browns' season. Although the Raiders did get an upgrade in head coach with Jon Gruden becoming no one, it won't work. The Chiefs are seeing Yoko Ono.

Yes, there are two divisions within the AFC in which everyone is more than.500. You can find full divisions here. This doesn't necessarily mean that there is anything wrong. It just means that everyone can beat everybody else and that no one is superior. This movie is something I have seen.

This used to be done by the NFC. They would feign some contender, get to the Super Bowl, because everyone else was just a little more lost on the road, and Tom Brady would win. This is because Eli Manning did it twice and Eli Manning was the American Cheese of quarterbacks. Brady managed to beat Manning.

The AFC sentencing us again to that is what we were sentenced to, but it could have been worse. It could be Brady again. Maybe even likely. It's a habit we have developed. Scarred, almost immune. This means that we might get another documentary or special about him, where he has nothing to share. Networks and media will never acknowledge that a player is a matzoh because he is always on the screen. Brady is a prime example. This is the best option. Future generations will be fascinated with our fascination with finding the secret in Brady's empty vessel. But, obviously, those future generations won't be too busy looking for water.

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The other possibility is Aaron Rodgers' second Super Bowl win. A pregame show and coverage of the game were presented by Mike Tirico and Tony Dungy. Chris Collinsworth babbled about the "adversity", even though it was self-inflicted ignorance and selfishness, stupidity and assholery. No one who covers the NFL is afraid of its wrath.

It's already on your radar for the next few weeks. It's there, you know it. It will start as soon as he returns to the field. Imagine him as a competitor who is able to defeat being deemed a dangerous idiot!" Think about how that will play out over the next three-months.


If the AFC fails to make a team worthy of a damn, that's exactly what we'll get. We're going to be sent to one of these terrible outcomes. Perhaps there is no stopping it. Maybe we have gone too fast down the hill.

Take care of yourself.