iPhone X With USB-C Port Sells For $86,001 on eBay

An iPhone X with a USB port modified was posted on eBay last week. Now, just a few days later, the USB-C iPhone is being sold for $86,001

Ken Pillonel, a student in robotics, modified the iPhone and shared a video showing how he did it. The video has received over 600,000 views since it was posted on November 1 and has been widely shared across social media. Over 116 bids were received and 6 bid retractions occurred during the eBay listing's 10-day duration. One bid placed earlier in the week was worth $99,000.

Apple uses USB-C ports on everything, from the iPad to Mac, for data and charging. Apple has remained faithful to its Lightning connector for the iPhone and it is unlikely that this will change anytime soon.

The iPhone X 64GB model is available for bidding. The winner will receive the iPhone X in its original packaging, but with no accessories. The winner will receive a bonus 30-minute call from Pillonel if they have any questions regarding how the first USB-C iPhone was created.