An Austrian province is preparing a COVID-19 lockdown for unvaccinated people only, saying the vaccinated shouldn't have to 'lose their freedom'

Austria's province will lock down unvaccinated persons starting Monday.
They can't leave their home except for the most essential reasons like to buy food or exercise.

Austria's chancellor stated that there should not be a lockdown on the vaccinated to show solidarity with the unvaccinated.

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Austria's Austrian province is considering imposing a COVID-19 lockdown for unvaccinated persons as the country faces a new surge.

According to Die Presse, Thomas Stelzer, governor of Upper Austria, stated that the province will bring the change into effect on Monday. However, federal approval is required.

According to the BBC, people who aren't vaccinated can't leave their home except for the essential reasons of buying food or exercising.

It is unclear how many people remain unvaccinated in Upper Austria. According to CEIC Data, the population in the province is 1.5 million. According to the federal government, 65% of the country has been vaccinated.

The Local Austria reported that Austrians who have not been vaccinated are barred from public places such as cinemas, shops, restaurants and large events.

The province could be an example for the rest of the country.

Alexander Schallenberg (Austria's chancellor) stated that a national lockdown is "probably impossible" according to Die Presse.

According to The Guardian, Schallenberg stated that on Thursday, Schallenberg claimed: "I don’t see why two thirds should lose freedom because one-third dithers."

"It is clear to me that there should not be a lockdown for those vaccinated in solidarity for those who aren't."

He said, "A lockdown of the unvaccinated means that one cannot leave his home unless one goes to work, shops [for essentials], or stretching one's legs -- which is exactly what we had to endure in 2020."