Taylor Swift does not know who Grimace is, apparently

Genuine question: Does Taylor Swift know Grimace, the purple McDonalds mascot that has been an integral part of McDonalds' marketing efforts since 1971?
Swift was on Saturday Night Live to promote her new re-recorded album Red. Swift was not content to ether her ex in a blistering new ten minute version of the heartbreaking album highlight "All Too Well". Swift's short film, directed by Swift and starring Stranger Things star Sadie Sink, will be released tomorrow.

A Keke Palmer was also pulled by her on one of the most well-known corporate mascots in the 20th century.

First, a crumb of context. Swift and Fallon were playing "Box of Lies", the most absurd and abstract of the Tonight Show's bizarre celebrity segments. Each player receives a box with a very specific object. They must decide whether they will invent a complicated lie about the object or describe it precisely. This will make it sound ridiculous. The first two boxes contained a pair binoculars filled with corn, which Swift correctly called "upsetting". Also included was a diorama showing a park where a tiny man is walking a huge stag beetle.

Swift was presented with a mockup for a Grimace tell-all autobiography titled "I'm Not Loving It", and Swift chose to describe it precisely. Fallon told Swift that it looked like it had been written by a fuzzy monster with seal eyes.

"It states it was written by... Grimace? Fallon heard her tell it, as she knit her eyebrows and opened the book. "Is that a---- is that a spokesperson?"

Grimace is a mystery to be honest. As we discovered earlier this year, Grimace is either a milkshake or taste bud. But millennials who grew up amongst the garish monuments Western late capitalism will at least be able to see the large purple blob, if not the intricate lore about his origins.

Swift has been working essentially since she was puberty, and might have missed some "normal" things that kids take for granted. Swift has never visited a McDonald's. Is it possible that she has never asked her mother for a pen? Or colored the notoriously purple Grimace with rainbow stripes on an activity sheet at the back of the car, out of a childish whim to defy the natural order of things. She would recognize Ronald McDonald's or the Hamburglar. It would have been a ringing bell if the photo was not in grayscale. Did she really play five-dimensional chess? Fallon was given all details except one.

Sorry to this man who is a milkshake/tastebud. Grimace, my dude! It could get worse. She could have written a song about her skipping her 21st Birthday party.

Below is the rest of her interview with Fallon.