Rick and Morty Has Forsaken McDonald’s, Now Worships Wendy’s

Because of their association with Mulan's Szechuan Sauce, Rick and Morty have been associated with McDonald's since the beginning. A new Wendy's promotion has allowed your favorite time-traveling duo to move from one fast food restaurant to the next.

The Adult Swim Festival is a 2-day online event that will feature interviews, panels, and other Adult Swim-related stuff. Adult Swim has unveiled a new vehicle, the "Morty’smobile", to promote it. It was recently driven (past tense unfortunately) around Los Angeles, giving away Wendy's Hot and Crispy Fries. "Cold and soggy fries are a waste. It's that simple," Jimmy Bennett (VP of Media and Social at Wendy's) stated in a press release, "We know Rick and Morty lovers deserve better, so the Morty'smobile was sent to save the day and rescue them with Wendy's Hot and Crispy fries."

This promotion is a little spinoff of a smaller one that took place in Los Angeles this summer, when a Wendy's was temporarily turned into a "Morty's." It was inspired by this and made "using the finest fiberglass on C-137" and features Wendy's red hair and freckles.

"WarnerMedia is always collaborating with Wendy's in order to tell the next chapter our journey together in an way that is meaningful, fun, and for Adult Swim fans across all of the multiverse," Katrina Cukaj (executive vice president of ad Sales and Client Partnerships at WarnerMedia) said. This year's Adult Swim Festival is no exception. We are combining successes from real life and multi-platform experiences to give Rick and Morty fans something to savor...something Hot and Crispy!

Adult Swim will give away fries to any fan who orders a Wendy's meal in Los Angeles from November 11-16 (only available in the U.S.). Rick and Morty seems to have made their fast food choice, and there's no place where you can get Szechuan Sauce.

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