A New Jersey state senator-elect deletes Twitter after receiving backlash for racist, derogatory tweets

The Twitter feed of a New Jersey senator-elect was full of racist statements.
Edward Durr has since removed his profile and apologized.

State senator-elect Steve Sweeney, who was a truck driver before becoming a state senator, was defeated.

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Edward Durr, a political newcomer, won his New Jersey state Senate race. His win led to the discovery of a history on social media that included misogynistic and racist comments.

New Jersey Senator-elect Durr is a Republican. He tweeted the motto of far-right group QAnon. Durr referred to coronavirus "the China virus" and claimed that an "influx #illegalAliens" was responsible for spreading the disease. The Washington Post first reported this tweet.

"Only fools will follow the teachings of Islam!" It is a cult for hate! According to Newsweek, Durr said it in a 2019 Twitter post. Durr also called Islam a false religion and the prophet Muhammad a "pedophile."

In a surprising political upset, Durr, who was previously a truck driver and had no experience in office, defeated incumbent state Senate President Steve Sweeney. According to The New York Times Sweeney was "the second most powerful man New Jersey," but he conceded Wednesday.

The Post reported that Durr, who ran for a seat at the state assembly in 2017 as well as 2019, did not face any criticism from the public for his racist statements until after he was elected.

Since then, he has deleted both his Twitter and his Facebook.

According to WPVI, Durr stated that he is a passionate man and sometimes says things in the heat. "If I have ever hurt anyone's feelings by saying things in the past, I deeply regret it."

He said, "I support everyone's right to worship any way they choose" and that they can worship the God of choice. "I support all people, and I support everyone's rights. That's why I came here, to work for the people and help them with their rights.

Insider reached Durr for comment but he did not respond immediately.