New York Jets' Zach Wilson worried about getting healthy, not reclaiming starting QB job

FLORHAM PARK (N.J.) -- New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson said Thursday that his job security is under threat due to the emergence fan favorite Mike White. He stated that he is focusing on his health and not his playing status.
Wilson said, "I can't even think about that," and will miss his third consecutive game due to a sprained right leg.

He was the 2021 second-round pick, but he returned to practice Wednesday. However, he acknowledged that his knee "definitely" is not 100%. White, an unheralded player, has been a catalyst for the offense and fuelled a possible quarterback controversy.

Wilson spoke to reporters for the first-time since his injury three week ago. He said that he is not worried about the sudden uncertainty surrounding quarterback position.

He said, "No, absolutely not. The reason is that I've only played five games." "I'm just getting here. "I'm supposed be a senior at college right now. It's going be difficult, you have to accept that. I don't make excuses for this, but it's where growth comes.

"I didn't think this would be the best thing ever, but we will win. It was going to be hard, but that's part and parcel of the game. This is what makes football so much fun. "My time will come."

Wilson will not be active Sunday against the Buffalo Bills at MetLife stadium.

Robert Saleh, the coach, left it open-ended and declined to confirm whether Wilson would return to the lineup once he is healthy. White was struggling before he hurt his knee. The Jets plan to continue riding with White so long as he continues to produce.

White's offensive coordinator Mike LaFLeur stated that White is "for a guy who hadn't played much ball, I do think he has a pretty seasoned brain in this league."

White, echoing Saleh and Wilson, said that he approaches his job "week-to week." He has passed for 500 yards in five quarters and has scored four touchdowns. Due to a right-forearm injury that he sustained last week, he played just one quarter against the Indianapolis Colts.

White won the No. White, who won the No. 2 job at training camp.

White's leadership, patience and willingness to accept checks rather than forcing the ball downfield has energized the offense. Wilson stated that he is learning from White.

Wilson said, "I would say that my style of plays must get more like that," adding that this adjustment was made during his college career at BYU.

Wilson stated that White is his closest friend and they have never had to talk about a potentially awkward situation.

Wilson stated, "We both know that this is part and parcel of the business football." Wilson said, "I want and he wants me to play. It's how it is. It's not a good idea to argue when we can both benefit from each other. "I think we both can benefit from this situation."

White seems to have won the trust of his teammates. The locker room explodes into "Mike White!" whenever White walks in. The players break out into a "Mike White!" chant. In the Jets' win over Cincinnati Bengals, Oct. 31, the fans sang the same song.

"The boys won't stop singing Mike White!" He said. He said, "I told them that it had to stop at some point guys."

White stated that he would like to hear it Sunday because "that means the offense has done something good."