D.L. Hughley Says Kyle Rittenhouse's 'White Tears' Will Sway Jurors, System Needs Overhaul

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D.L. Hughley believes the jury will believe that his "performance" is real, and could even lead to his acquittal.

The comedian/activist's assessment of Rittenhouse’s emotional testimony is quite blunt -- worst acting since Stacey Dash -- but on Thursday, "TMZ Live," he stated that it would be good enough for jurors to sway them because a "white man crying with a cut is very sympathetic."

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D.L. D.L. joined us on Thursday's "TMZ Live" to talk about what he considers clear biases in the courtroom surrounding Rittenhouse’s case. He says that the right-wing's financial support for Rittenhouse's defense is evidence that it believes "whatever is necessary to defend your cause is just."

He said that our judiciary system needed radical changes. He proposed one overhaul to eliminate jury biases, namely not allowing jurors see the defendant. This sparked a lively debate about the system's supposed functioning and its actual operation.

D.L. explains why these changes are necessary. D.L. believes that too many people at power lack the principles necessary to do what is right, regardless of how it might affect them.