A Capitol police officer wished a 'Happy Veterans Day' to all who served - except those who were involved in the Capitol attack

U.S. Capitol Police Sergeant. Harry Dunn testifies before the House select committee. AP Photo/ Andrew Harnik, Pool
In a tweet on Thursday Veterans Day, a Capitol Police officer sent a clear message to Capitol rioters.

Officer Harry Dunn wishes service members a happy holiday with one caveat.


In a seemingly innocent Veterans Day tweet, a Capitol Police officer sent a clear message to Capitol rioters.

Happy Veterans Day to all veterans of this country! Your dedication is what makes this country great, and we appreciate you all more than you realize," Harry A. Dunn wrote to begin.

Dunn added a clarification to his tweet, "EXCEPT THOSE INVOLVED in THE JANUARY 6-TH INSURRECTION,"

-Harry A Dunn (@libradunn) November 11, 2021

Dunn was the subject of headlines in the early part of this year when he gave an emotional testimony about the Capitol riot that erupted during his time before the House Select Committee, which was investigating the insurrection.

Black Capitol police officer Dunn claimed he was called the "n-word" during the siege. He also faced a torrent of racist abuses online after the attack. Dunn stated to lawmakers that it was the first time he had been called the slur in uniform. He also said that the name-calling came after he admitted to a group rioters that President Joe Biden was his vote.

"Hear that, guys! This n ----r has voted for Joe Biden!" He said that a woman wearing a pink "MAGA” shirt had told him. "Boo!" "Boo! He said that the crowd started to chant.

Dunn is a 13 year veteran of the force and announced this week that he would run for the head of Capitol Police in the upcoming November 18 elections. Roll Call first reported the news. Dunn will challenge Gus Papathanasiou, the incumbent for five years. This is as the force struggles to look forward after a difficult year which saw two officers killed in riots on January 6th and another officer injured in a car attack at Capitol premises this spring.

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Dunn stated in his candidate statement that "Simply and very frankly, it is time for not only change, but transformation." The statement was reviewed by Politico. "This is a significant moment in our history, and we must change the way that the Capitol Police Union operates, not just how it is seen, but also how it is operated."

Dunn tweeted on Tuesday an announcement about his candidacy. He said: "How much complaining could you do if your not trying to be part of the solution ..."?"

Insider asked the officer for comments on his Veterans Day tweet but he did not respond immediately.

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