Andrew Garfield—Sony Not Making Spider-Man Bi Catered to Bigots

Andrew Garfield was always open about his disappointment with the Amazing Spider-Man duology. Not because he had portrayed the iconic superhero, but because of the creative and business decisions that went into it. As rumors swirl about his possible return, Garfield is using new leverage to remind people some of his previous criticisms.


Andrew Garfield is having a great week, talking only about Spider-Man. In another profile, the ex-Spidy reminded us that time is our prison and that the forces of c.apitalism are its grim wardens. Garfield spoke with the Independent this time and said that he didn't hate Sony's capitalism but rather its biphobia.

Garfield stated that he worked harder than any other Spider-Man project and was proud of his accomplishments, but that he didn't feel represented. "There was an interview where I said, "Why can't Peter explore the possibility of bisexuality in his next movie?" Why can't MJ [his girlfriend] be a man?" I was put under a lot pressure to retract it and apologiz e that I said something that is a valid thing to feel and think. I replied, "OK, so you want to me to make sure we get the bigots & homophobes to purchase their tickets?"

Garfield pointedly referenced a 2013 interview with Entertainment Weekly in which he suggested that Peter Parker could have a male partner. This was a departure from the accepted belief that Spider-Man must be heteronormative.

"What if MJ was a dude?" We can't discover that Peter is exploring his sexuality. This is not even new! So why is he not gay? The actor wondered why he couldn't be into boys at that time before suggesting Michael B. Jordan to be Peter's boyfriend. While the actor has spoken out about the reactions to his remarks in the past, it is fair to admit that Sony had forced the actor to retract the comments. This demonstrates how much he hates the studio more than its existence in late-stage capitalism.

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However, Garfield could end up in No Way Home as all the rumors suggest. It won't be as entertaining as his denial press tour up until now. The press tour for the movie may actually be fascinating!

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