Rocket Lab’s Peter Beck is coming to TC Sessions: Space 2021 – TechCrunch

Rocket Lab is about to enter a new era as a provider private rocket launch services. The company's next flight will include its first attempt at recovering one of its boosters. It will use a helicopter to lift it out of the atmosphere as it returns to Earth, slowed by an air parachute.
This is just one of the reasons we are so happy to have Rocket Lab founder Peter Beck join us at TC Sessions Space 2021, which will take place December 14 and 15. Beck founded the company in Auckland 15 years ago. He has enjoyed a busy year. In March, Rocket Lab was taken public through a SPAC merger. Also, he announced plans to create Neutron, a medium-lift launch vehicle, which will increase its capabilities and complement its Electron rocket.

Rocket Lab is expanding its identity as a space company by launching further into satellite development. It also offers a variety of services that make it a one stop shop for spacefaring businesses and customers looking to do what they love and leave the work of getting to and operating from space.

The TC Sessions: Space 2021 will take place December 14-15. Two full days have been devoted to exploring and understanding the rapidly evolving technologies and opportunities in space. These include in-space propulsion systems, lunar sampling, investment trends, and public-private collaboration.

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