Did Murdochs Push Election Fraud Claims? Dominion Sues Fox Corp. To Find Out

Dominion Voting Systems sued Fox Corporation, Fox Broadcasting and Fox Broadcasting this week for defamation. This was in an attempt to find out what role Chairman Rupert Murdoch played in pushing fraud claims regarding the company's voting machine. The lawsuit came after Fox News tried to protect the Murdochs when Dominion sued Fox News earlier in the year.

Rupert Murdoch attended the WSJ Magazine 2017 Innovator Awards at The Museum of Modern Art, Nov. 1,... [+] 2017, New York. Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

The Key Facts

According to Bloomberg, the lawsuit was filed Monday in Delaware state court. It alleges that Fox Corporation executives, including the Murdochs, "exerted direct controls over Fox News' programming decisions" after the election. This included false claims linking Dominion's machines with voter fraud. Dominion sued Fox News in March for defamation. However, Fox News claims that it "disclaimed any responsibility for Fox Corporation and Broadcasting’s actions" and refused to turn over documents from them and the Murdochs. The lawsuit also mentions Rupert's friendship with former President Donald Trump. Even though Fox News was pushing them, Wall Street Journal, owned by Murdoch, disassociated itself from the fraud allegations. The lawsuit also notes that Fox News changed its website to remove the Murdochs from its "Executive Staff." Dominion claims Fox made the fraud allegations in an attempt to boost ratings and appeal to its right-wing base as it faced competition from One America News Network and Newsmax. Fox Corporation refuted the allegations in a statement sent to Bloomberg. Fox News moved to dismiss the suit against it, claiming that its reporting on Dominion is protected by the First Amendment.

Big Number

More than $1.6 Billion. This is the amount Dominion wants in damages from Fox to cover lost profits, security costs, and other expenses. There's also an unspecified amount for punitive damages.

Important Quote

The lawsuit claims that Fox Corporation, through its officers, directors, and employees, exercised control over the publication of these defamatory broadcasts, knowing they were false, or in reckless disregard for the truth.

Chief Critic

Fox Corporation stated that Fox is proud of its 2020 election coverage and will continue to vigorously defend it in court.

Important Background

Dominion has filed eight defamation suits against right-wing entities that have made false claims about its machines. This is in response to the 2020 election. Dominion also sued Newsmax, OANN and two of its anchors, far-right lawyers Sidney Powell & Rudy Giuliani, MyPillow & CEO Mike Lindell, and Patrick Byrne (ex-CEO of Overstock) for defamation. Smartmatic, a rival voting company, has also sued Fox News, several of its anchors, and Powell, Giuliani and Newsmax for false fraud claims regarding its voting machines. Fox News denied all claims and Dominion is still seeking to dismiss its first lawsuit against it.

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